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Dr. Katie Davis


Neuropsychologically Based Psychotherapy, Consulting, and Remediation

I am a licensed psychologist in New York State with a clinical practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. I provide support to individuals experiencing academic and vocational difficulties, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders.

Treating Learning Disorders and Related Deficits

Learning disorders are a common set of mental health disorders that are characterized by a failure to acquire age-appropriate academic skills despite adequate intelligence and educational opportunity. Learning disorders are neurobiologically based and stem from specific cognitive deficits. Since cognitive systems are linked, deficits in one system can cause deficits in others. Therefore, learning disorders include broad cognitive and emotional difficulties in addition to academic difficulties. The ideal treatment covers the full range of these deficits. I use an evidence-based treatment approach that addresses the underlying issues that make it difficult for individuals to learn.

Areas of Expertise

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