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Treating Learning Disorders and Related Deficits

Learning is possible when information is delivered to the brain in ways it can understand. For students with a learning disorder, the brain sees things in a different way. This makes it difficult to learn though traditional systems taught in schools. Learning disorders are more complex than the average person realizes.

Students develop their own coping strategies just to get by, or they deflect attention away from the fact that they are struggling. In order to be successful and thrive in school, these students can benefit from help that includes tutoring and more. My integrated therapies address the underlying issues that are making it difficult for them to learn.

Successfully treating students with learning disorders involves combining several components including:

On their own, each component may have an effect on the student’s ability to learn and their behavior. However, in the right combination, they provide wings for students with learning disorders. The positive experience of completing homework successfully with the therapist gets students excited about learning and achieving more in school. They begin to thrive when they are taught problem solving and given effective tools to help them make sense of their school work.

With my therapies, students can leave behind the shame and blame they have felt for not doing well in school. They will find new ways of seeing and solving the problems they are faced with, academic or otherwise. My therapies provide students and adults with the strategies they need to make information understandable.

With my integrated therapy approach, students discover their dreams are within reach. A learning disorder does not have to keep them from doing well in school, on tests or even on college entrance exams. A new world of possibilities opens up when a person receives the tools they need to open the doors to learning.

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