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Therapy for Social and Emotional Problems

When a child or adult struggles with the challenges of social or emotional disorders, it can be difficult for them to tell you what they are dealing with or how they feel. Rather than avoid difficult issues, it’s important to give them an opportunity to express themselves and have hope that what they are suffering from can be helped through therapy.

My therapies enable the student or adult to be heard and accepted regardless of the issue, so they are empowered to address situations that challenge them. I work to empower the individual as well as their family to safely confront problems that hold them back in life and performance at school or work.

Two Social and Emotional Disorders:

While social and emotional disorders can be a singular or primary diagnosis or focus for treatment, these disorders frequently accompany other types of disorders, such as learning and developmental disorders, which may contribute to the existing social or emotional disorder. It can be a “chicken and the egg scenario,” not being sure which disorder came first. It’s important to get a professional assessment of your family member’s characteristics, symptoms and challenges to create a strategic treatment plan that properly addresses the intricacies of disorders that may intersect.

Students and adults who deal with intersecting disorders, including social and/or emotional disorders, can exhibit specific characteristics, which should serve as an indicator of the need to follow up with an assessment. These characteristics include such symptoms as the individual’s unawareness of bothering others, misreading social cues, misinterpretations of emotions or feelings of others, being unaware of the negative or even positive effect of their actions toward others and lack of ability to see someone else’s perspective. These behaviors can create a social crisis for these individuals, precluding success in a social group, in school or at work.

Don’t let your family member who exhibits any of these symptoms suffer any longer. Schedule a consultation to learn how they might obtain some treatment and relief.